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Today is the last State of the Nation Address of President Benigno Aquino,

with his past years performance, alot of people are still in poverty and a lot of promise has not been addressed,

his major slogan of TUWID NA DAAN or a straight path or a move without anomaly has not been fulfilled well.

SONA 2015

we have seen how he litigate the former president Gloria Arroyo and the trio of Senate, Revilla, Enrile, and Estrada, but what the people, who he called bosses, see is a litigation of enemies.

the whole process of tuwid na daan was never been fulfilled, a lot of corruption within the Government is seen but the President remain silence and distance himself if it was within his own Liberal Party, something that the people does not want to see.

problem on train , still LRT has not improve even a single, the only thing that improve in the train was the fare increase, an improvement on their part but a punishment on their commuters.

another was his legacy about Bangsamoro, it was indeed our wish to have lasting peace in muslim Mindanao but we dont want it to be on the hand of terrorist. if we want peace on the southern part of the country, we want it to be hold by respectable people, voted and fought for their right diplomatically and not by the use of arms.

the only way in lasting peace is for them to withdraw their arm and embrace development that their poor brothers and sisters deserve.


with all of these, Aquino Administration remain on his own way of pointing the previous administration in his failures and does not see his own faults, while taking the spotlight for the fruits of the previous administration projects.


this is the main reason why most of the presidents being elected chooses to devote their project for short term solutions, as the result is felt immediately, rather being grabbed by a president who dont even know how to give credit, even worse people did good thing and they deserve an acknowledgement.


the bad thing was the good government had done nothing for a future term, he even wishes to fund a rebellious group(MILF) more than what he fund the peace keepers of the country (AFP).